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Are you looking for investors?

The answer to all your investment queries is one call away!

Step out from the hassle of hunting for investors. Instead of knocking on several doors, save your time and get all the right results in one place.

Do you want to increase the profits of your business?

There’s no easier way to find out how!

Is your business facing unforeseen challenges?

Overcome every hurdle with the right advice from the best expert who can change the graph of your business forever.


An opportunity to talk to Business Influencer cum Mentor, Srinivas Sarakadam will give you the time, strategy and efficiency to set your business on the right track. He has transformed several businesses and overcome the most difficult hurdles to ensure success.

Seize this opportunity and embark on a journey towards success!

The answer to all your queries is one call away!

Schedule a call with Srinivas Sarakadam!

Get all the tips, tricks and strategies from this business expert to change your business game forever.

Success is only 2 steps away!

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Schedule a call with business expert Srinivas Sarakadam.

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Talk to Srinivas Sarakadam and get an insight into running a successful business.


Reaching out to investors is not as easy as it may seem!

0% investors respond to emails or phone calls.

In order to reach out to the perfect investor, for your business you need to

  •   Research
  •   Identify the right approach
  •   Plan in advance
  •   Communicate effectively
  •   Deliver your idea

Srinivas Sarakadam is here to guide you through this process, nail it, execute well-planned strategies and achieve success for your business.

Srinivas Sarakadam

About Srinivas Sarakadam

Srinivas Sarakadam, Business influencer cum mentor, provides professional business mentoring with an insight into tested business secrets creating an everlasting impact on the growth of a business ensuring high revenue. With specialized training in various mediums like web technologies, blogging, digital marketing, business skills and digital technologies, he has been guiding entrepreneurs helping them build a successful business model. With his expertise in setting up a business and increasing its reach, he devises innovative strategies and ensures their successful implementation. He helps entrepreneurs create their own opportunities and explore new ways to make an income.

Package Name: BAGP – Business Analysis & Growth Projections

Price: Rs.19,000

Duration: 1 Month


All of the above and

  •   Growth plan
  •   Projections
  •   Finding the best investor
  •   Providing genuine leads- 5 nos minimum

Embark on a journey to success with professional business mentoring by Srinivas Sarakadam at Rs. 19,000.

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