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Business Influencer cum Mentor, Srinivas Sarakadam has the genius to accomplish success for any business. With his experience and expertise in all stages and aspects of developing a business, he provides confidential business mentoring. His constructive guidance provides an insight into tested business success secrets which helps businesses avoid costly mistakes and ensure high revenues and growth. His innovative project management techniques help him create an everlasting impact on the growth of a business and with his wise assessment, he helps other entrepreneurs succeed with their business.

Amongst the leading digital marketing experts, he has an expertise of over 17 years. He started out as a Digital Marketing enthusiast who transformed himself into an SEO expert. He has been maintaining the balance and ensuring success in all of his business ventures, CMOF Global, OpenDG, Hyderabad Events, Sarakadam Stories, IDMI and Instaura Makeover Hub. He knows and understands what it takes to make a business prosper. Offering an alternative perspective to ensure a successful run for any business, he has worked with several businesses like Dr. Reddy’s, Horlicks, Omics Group, Videocon, Mercedes and several others by devising and implementing strategies, catapulting their business into a new light.