About Us

Srinivas Sarakadam, with over 20 years of digital marketing expertise, now offers invaluable business mentoring. Having personally worked with 500+ clients, he has played a crucial role in their business marketing and growth.

His business mentoring services encompass:

1) Selecting the optimal business venture.

2) Assessing market realities and competitors.

3) Assisting with business setup.

4) Developing a comprehensive budget plan.

5) Crafting an effective marketing strategy.

6) Formulating a growth plan.

7) Guiding implementation of all the above plans.

8) Ensuring consistent task management.

9) Retaining clients and customers.

10) Facilitating business expansion.

Mr. Srinivas Sarakadam's illustrious career includes working with esteemed brands like Dr. Reddy's, Horlicks, Videocon, Loreal, alongside numerous local and international brands. Notably, he has also generated $200 million in sales for his clients. Furthermore, he has successfully transformed over 1000 youngsters into skilled digital marketing professionals. According to reputed media the Hindu, he is the best SEO Expert in India

When seeking top-notch business mentorship, there is no doubt that Mr. Sarakadam's expertise is unparalleled. Moreover, he can provide guidance on compliance and corporate legal policies, streamlining your business operations.