Srinivas Sarakadam

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CMOF Global

Glitz, glamour, fashion and style? We’ve got it all!

Having nothing to do with the fashion industry, Srinivas Sarakadam has transformed himself into one of Hyderabad’s leading fashion entrepreneurs. With CMOF Global, he has been successful in creating a trustworthy and credible platform for aspiring models and actors. In the fashion and modelling world where only the fittest survive, CMOF Global helps young aspirants hone their skills and turn into true professionals.

It serves as a platform for passionate models and actors enabling them to showcase their talent and kickstart their modelling and acting career. With his exemplary vision, he has successfully conducted over 27 fashion events. He has turned CMOF Global into a hub of fashion opportunities having successfully transformed over 2400 fresh faces into models and actors. It is also a platform for film professionals and brands to connect with models and actors.