Spoken language is a sequence of sounds called words that represents one or more objects or concepts. A shared grammar and syntax allowthe speaker to form these words into statements which listeners will be able to understand. Languages spoken in India consist of 1652 different languages including the reginal ones.It sometimes means only vocal languages, especially by linguists are used making all three terms synonyms by excluding sign languages. English has been one of the languages which are spoken all over the world. Learning English is very easy as there have been portals like spoken-languages.com which has come up with the concept of Learn English online with the help of a free website. This is mainly done by games, stories, listening activities and grammar exercises. English lessons have become very easy and made students interested to learn in a smart way.Listening activities, video content,practice materials and materials about Business & Work have improved academic writing. This has helped people to understand language in a better way.

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